I’m running to stop Chuck Schumer from becoming the Democrat leader of the U.S. Senate.

He’s been in Washington for 35 years and in the Senate for 18.  He and his fellow career politicians in the Washington Establishment have steered us far off track.  It’s time to go.

There are a lot of honest, hard-working men and women who pledged allegiance to the flag we would never burn, who came from all races, religions, and nationalities, and said, “We’re Americans.”

They’re asking:  where did our country go?

Our American middle class and small business – the backbone of the American economy and society – are being crushed by Big Government, Big Business, Big Media, and Political Correctness that’s brainwashing our kids and pounding us into submission.  Those who have the least in our society are finding they don’t have the ladders of opportunity that good public schools and jobs used to provide.  About the only people doing well are the super wealthy and well-connected:  the people Chuck Schumer serves.

2016 isn’t just any election year.  Under the leadership of Donald Trump, a movement is building to take America back, to make it great again, and to put the American people and American principles first.  And not a moment too soon, because our country can’t go on like this.

The forgotten people, the silent majority, are getting stronger, more determined than ever to bring back all that is great about this country we love:  freedom, the rule of law, human dignity and the ability to work, and real equality where all human lives are equal.

Donald Trump said he decided to run for President because he felt like he didn’t have a choice.  I know what he meant.  It’s a sense of duty that springs from gratitude and love of this country and what it’s given you, not to just sit back and enjoy its benefits when you have an obligation and a duty to fight for others when you see something going wrong.

So I’m running against Hillary’s political accomplice and New York lifetime politician Chuck Schumer, to fight for all the good people who have been ignored by the Washington Establishment and the rigged system.

If you want to send that Establishment a message, I am your messenger.

Together, we can defeat Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and the Establishment that has let America down.

Let’s turn the insiders out.

Let’s reclaim our borders, our security, our jobs, our freedom, and our culture.  Let’s put America, and Americans, first.