New York, New York - Wendy Long, the nominee for U. S. Senate of the Republican, Conservative, and Reform parties in New York to oppose incumbent U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) today said:

“We are at war with, and Americans are being killed on their own soil by, an enemy that Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama refuse to name.

“These three individuals live in a bubble of political correctness that treats Islamic terror attacks as workplace violence, gun control problems, or hate crimes against groups such as the gay community.

“The problem is Islamic jihad. ISIS radio called Omar Mateen a solider of the Caliphate in America. This is war, not just street crime, hate crime, or gun crime.

“Chuck Schumer is the poster boy of all that is wrong with our policies. He is disarming law-abiding Americans who have a constitutional right to protect themselves and their fellow citizens. He is fighting for open borders as the leader of the Gang of 8. And he is a puppet of political correctness just like Obama and Clinton, the weak and deceptive woman who says she ‘has our back’ but won’t undertake aggressive surveillance and intelligence of potential jihadist persons and cells in America.

“Schumer and Clinton do not have our back, and they must both be defeated in November so that we can secure our borders, defend ourselves, protect our people, and with our allies win the war of Islamic jihad against the West.”

“Schumer’s gun control would not have disarmed Omar Mateen. Schumer is disarming only the American citizens who follow the rule of law.

“Donald Trump is right about the Trojan horse that the Obama-Clinton migrant program and the Schumer open-borders immigration agenda will allow in to our country. Tens of thousands of unscreenable individuals are flooding into our country with the approval of Schumer, Clinton, and Obama.

“The ones to whom America should grant asylum in this country are the Christians who are being slaughtered in the jihadist genocide. They can assimilate here and are 100 percent screenable, unlike the Muslim migrants that Schumer, Obama, and Clinton are letting in by the tens of thousands.”