New York, NY — A statewide televised debate is scheduled between U.S.
Senate Republican, Conservative, and Reform party nominee Wendy Long and
Democrat incumbent U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday night, October 30, at
8:00 p.m. before a live audience at Union College in Schenectady.

Time Warner Cable News will televise the debate statewide, on channels 1 and
200 on NY1, and on channel 200 on TWC News.

Political anchors Errol Louis and Liz Benjamin will co-moderate the debate.

“The people of New York deserve to have a choice between someone who has
been paid very generously by the taxpayers for over 40 years and has had
Rolls-Royce health care, while improving the lives of New Yorkers very
little, and someone who is committed to term limits and to clean up
government corruption, with fresh ideas for solving our problems.  So far,
Sen. Schumer has refused to even acknowledge our different views and
positions on how to best help the citizens of New York and country.  He
seems to feel entitled to be coronated for a fourth term without having to
defend his record of crony capitalism, pay-to-play, running up $19 trillion
in national debt, providing the deciding vote for Obamacare, running our
small business and middle class into the ground, and allowing U.S. borders
to be broken with the resulting destruction of lives and jobs of so many.

“He still refuses to say ‘radical Islamic terror,’ just like his corrupt and
failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.  He is completely silent
while the Obama Administration secretly lifts  U.S. sanctions on Iran, and
enriches Iran by $100 billion-plus with which it can finance more terrorism.
And he’s on the foolish political correctness train that’s on track to
resettle 150,000 refugees into the United States in this fiscal year — most
of whom we cannot adequately screen to ensure the safety of our own
citizens, and who at the very least will prove a significant challenge to
our already suffering jobs, economic, and infrastructure situation.

“I’m also very disappointed that zero seats are being allocated to the
public for this debate.   It was initially slated to occur at RPI in an
800-person auditorium with space available for the interested public.  For
some reason, unexplained to our campaign, that venue disappeared and with it
a chance for public live viewing.  I’m also disappointed that there can be
no questions from the audience in this debate.  Senator Schumer does all he
can to avoid questions from the New Yorkers he serves, as he hops around the
state making pre-planned, scripted statements from his portable podium.

“I’m pleased to participate in the Union College Time Warner debate, but I
think New Yorkers deserve more.  I’ve accepted an invitation from Canisius
College, and would ask Sen. Schumer to join me in that venue as well.  I
think taking some questions from New York citizens, and having a period of
Lincoln-Douglas style debate where the candidates respond back and forth to
each other in a kind of discussion, would be very illuminating for the
people we have a duty to serve and to inform.  I am making clear now that I
will be present at Canisius for such a debate on any date and  time of Sen.
Schumer’s choosing.”

“We also were invited to debate on Long Island by the Times Beacon Record
Newspapers.  I would similarly accept that invitation on any date and time
of Sen. Schumer’s choosing.”

“The people of Long Island and of Western New York would very much like to
host a debate as well, and with so much at stake in this critical election
year, I believe it is their right and our duty to provide ourselves.
Ideally, I would also like a debate in the Southern Tier or Central New York, and in the North Country, as well as someplace in the City where Sen. Schumer’s special interest deals have particularly harmed the jobless and the working people, such as the Bronx.”