New York, NY —  Wendy Long, the U. S. Senate nominee in New York of the Republican and Conservative parties, today received the highest possible “A”(Q) rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

Her opponent, incumbent U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) received the lowest possible rating of “F.”

“My opponent is the biggest enemy of the Second Amendment in the entire Congress,” said Long. “And he has stated that his goal is to stack the Supreme Court with liberal Justices who will drive a stake through the heart of our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, if he is re-elected.

“I have pledged to the people that I will defend their Second Amendment rights, which come from God and not from government.   There could not be a greater contrast between our positions, and every person in the state of New York — man, woman, Democrat, Conservative, Republican, or independent — who cares about keeping their guns and being able to defend themselves and their families must vote in this critical election on November 8 for Donald Trump and for me, to defeat Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.”

Long is the holder of a Utah concealed carry permit and has pending her application for a New York concealed carry permit, which she noted takes “excessive time and money” and is “almost impossible” for an ordinary citizen to procure in New York City.