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New York, NY — Wendy Long, nominee for United States Senate in New York of the Republican, Conservative, and Reform parties, today made the following statement:

“Chuck Schumer, who wants to become the Rigged System’s Senate Majority Leader under the Rigged System’s President Clinton, refuses to say whether he wants Preet Bharara to remain as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

“There can be two reasons for this. Corrupt Chuck wants Crooked Hillary to reward one of his wealthy New York City lawyer donors with this political plum. Or he’s getting worried about Preet Bharara’s rooting out corruption in the New York State legislature and New York City government, and turning his attention to whether Hillary is guilty of public corruption for having used her office as Secretary of State to enrich the Clinton Foundation. Frankly, it’s probably both: in 2014, lawyers at Shelly Silver’s law firm came in at number 9 for Schumer’s top contributors. And number 3 was a law firm that advertises itself as ‘support[ing] . . . [the] immigration needs’ of ‘the world’s largest companies . . . all over the world.’ And having attached himself at the hip to Hillary, he’s obviously fine with all the Clinton corruption as long as it benefits him politically.

“With Corrupt Chuck, all you need to do is follow the money: just go to The mainstream media seems to suffer from a remarkable lack of curiosity about Chuck’s role in the rigged and corrupt system of Washington, D.C. Preet Bharara has proven a danger to the Rigged System.

“New York voters agree on this: there is too much corruption in government, federal, state, and local. I am grateful that Preet Bharara had the courage to take on this fight and that he took out Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos. If elected, I will recommend to President Trump that he keep Preet Bharara on the job; he’s got a lot more work to do.”

Top Contributors to Chuck Schumer Campaign (

  1. Lazard Ltd $179,300
  2. Paul, Weiss et al $155,150
  3. Fragomen, Del Rey et al $151,500
  4. Paulson & Co $142,100
  5. BLACKSTONE GROUP $118,100
  6. Citigroup Inc $107,050
  7. Thornton & Naumes $95,194
  8. NYU Langone Medical Center $89,425
  9. Weitz & Luxenberg $86,700