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New York, NY — Wendy Long, the U.S. Senate nominee in New York of the Republican, Conservative, and Reform parties, today made the following statement on the resignation of NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton:

“Bill Bratton’s an honorable man and an honest cop who did his best under a mayor who is anti-law enforcement. There is only so much one can take in that position. Bill de Blasio has essentially sided with the Black Lives Matter movement, who say ‘Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.’ It took guts and a lot of provocation for NYPD officers to turn their backs on de Blasio at the funerals of their fellow officers killed in the line of duty because of the racial animosity that de Blasio and his far left political allies have fomented. Bratton has done all he could when de Blasio undermined him from the beginning.”

“As Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute has pointed out: de Blasio claimed months ago that he ‘worries every night about the dangers his biracial son may face from the NYPD officers who are paid to protect him.’ A few weeks later, a career criminal from Brooklyn, inspired by the nationwide anti-cop agitation, murdered two New York police officers.

“My kids have run a gauntlet of K2 users every morning to get the train to school, and at night coming home. Inner city residents are trapped in this sick cycle of poverty, joblessness, family breakdown, and failing education that De Blasio and the professional Democrat elite like Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer use to keep themselves in power.

“The Democrat party would have no room in it today for a clear-eyed statesman such as the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who linked problems in inner cities to the breakdown of family structure. Ironically, Bratton himself said Moynihan was ‘prescient about what was going to happen… in terms of… the disintegration of family, the disintegration of values.'”

“But for Hillary and Chuck, it is not about leadership but about grabbing votes in the basest way. It’s the reason they won’t push back against de Blasio and BLM. They play the race card, the gender card, and divide us in every way possible instead of standing for civic responsibility and the rule of law, which are the foundation of true equality and American principles.”