New York, NY — U.S. Senate Republican and Conservative party nominee

Wendy Long is holding weekly open town hall meetings on Facebook

Live, Sunday nights from 7:30 to 8:00 p.m.

“Chuck Schumer holds weekly Sunday press conferences, where he reads some

paper prepared by staff, on some subject he wants to spoon feed to the media,

who dutifully convey his podium pronouncements as a news story.

“Well, this is the un-Chuck session, where citizens are on an equal footing with

the corrupt and biased media and can see me speaking to them live as well as

ask questions in real time.

“Chuck Schumer makes cameo appearances all over New York State but rarely

takes questions from citizens. That’s not accountability or transparency.

“I invite all citizens to join us on

Sunday night at 7:30. Just ‘like’ my Facebook

page, @WendyLong2016,

and tune in at 7:30 Sunday night.”