Calls her a principled leader who would put New Yorkers First

New York, NY — Congressman Chris Gibson today issued an endorsement

of Wendy Long in her campaign for U.S. Senate. Congressman Gibson

represents the 19th Congressional District, which covers all or part of 11

counties in the Capital District/Hudson Valley area.

Congressman Gibson issued the following statement with his endorsement:

“Wendy Long is a principled leader who would do an excellent job

representing New York. She’s the type of leader we need in Washington -

someone who is willing to fight for what is right and always put New Yorkers

first in everything she does.

“Wendy would continue to champion a number of the causes that I have

worked hard on in Congress, bringing the voices of her constituents to the

Senate. Wendy is against onerous, high-stakes testing and the Common

Core regime and would work for policies that would help our small business

and family farms across New York State thrive.

“Importantly, she believes in term limits - as do I - which would help fight

corruption and put an end to career politicians. Wendy deserves to

represent New York State in the Senate, and I urge all New Yorkers to join

with me in voting for Wendy on Election Day.”

Wendy Long stated: “Congressman Gibson is the kind of legislator I would

like to emulate. He has a heart to serve his country, state, and fellow citizens

— not to turn that service into personal gain or influence peddling. He

understands and loves our Constitution and self-government enough to walk

away in the example of a true citizen legislator. I thank him for his vote of

confidence, for his military and legislative service to our great nation, and

will do everything I can to be worthy of it.”