COLONIE — It was a small group of about a hundred women and a few men inside the Desmond in Colonie.  . Many people at the rally admit that this is an election cycle the likes they’ve never seen before and last Sunday’s presidential debate was a good example. The event comes just  five days after a video was released where the GOP presidential candidate was caught in a hot microphone making offensive comments about women.
The group came from all four corners of the state. They wanted to send a strong message as women that Trump is still their choice for president.

“I’m definitely sticking by him. I think whatever was said by him was unfortunate. He’s apologized for it,” said Trump supporter Barbara Ellman.

Wendy Long, who’s running against Chuck Schumer for U.S. Senate also spoke at the rally. She told the crowd that she forgives Trump after his apology. She said he’s still the right choice for the economy, national security and immigration.

“Those things are so much more important than an 11 year-old video. We’re not going to throw the country under the bus over an 11 year-old video,” Long said.

Lara Trump came to her father-in-law’s defense at the rally. She’s married to Trump’s son Eric. She told supporters that the Clinton campaign may be nervous about the election and that’s why they’re doing everything possible to try to stop Trump.

“It truly speaks to the fact that they understand there’s a movement in this country. It might make some people very nervous because their condition isn’t winning,” Lara Trump said.

State GOP chair Ed Cox, who attended the event, called Albany politicians hypocrites. He said some supported former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in a sexual harassment cover up.

“When Shelly Silver was paying hush money to cover up the sexual predations on young women in the assembly by Veto Lopez, Andrew Cuomo was right there defending Shelly Silver,” Cox said.

He added that he’s not concerned about what some are calling a civil war within the Republican Party. Many top GOP leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, are trying to distance themselves from Trump.

“There are some people who are running for office who think it’s better they not endorse Trump and say they don’t support him. They have to do what they need to do in their districts in order to win. But that is normal with any election,” he said.