Buffalo, New York — Wendy Long, U.S. Senate nominee in New York of the Republican, Conservative and Reform parties, today called for a “full, complete, and absolute pardon” to be extended to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for any potential violations of U.S. law, on the ground that he has served a far greater good of truth and transparency.

“Julian Assange has shed the light of truth on matters that the American people need to know to conduct self-government under our Constitution. Investigative journalism is dead in this country, and citizen journalists are trying to fill the void.

“We know that almost 100 percent of the mainstream media are in the tank for Hillary Clinton. And were it not for Julian Assange, we would not know that:

* she dreams of a “hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders”
* she believes that a politician must have “a public and private position” on issues
* her team that disparages Catholics and evangelicals, and is plotting a “Catholic Spring”
* her campaign was in touch with Obama Department of Justice officials about the release of her emails
* the State Department sought a quid pro quo with the FBI on reclassifiying some of her emails
* And the list goes on

“Assange is the only source of transparency and truth that most Americans now have about some of the most important matters affecting this election and our country. We need him, we need his help, and we need him on the side of America. We should pardon him and do all that we can to get his assistance in the future on behalf of the American people.”