New York, NY — The Christian Coalition released its voter guides
for the presidential and U.S. Senate races in New York.  The guide to the
positions of Wendy Long and Chuck Schumer is preprinted herewith.

“This is an important quick checklist for every voter in the state
of New York, not just for Christians.  It was a great public service for the
Christian Coalition to put it out.   It covers some of the most important
issues our nation faces right now:  taxes, balanced  budgets, Supreme Court
Justices, Second Amendment rights, border security, Obamacare, and taxpayer
funding of abortion.

“It’s not an exhaustive list, but it is a great help and I thank the
Christian Coalition for this step toward educating voters on the real issues
at stake.  With the mainstream media so obsessed with covering foolish
topics that don’t have any bearing on the great problems that our nation
faces, this is most welcome.

“I hope New Yorkers will share this chart on social media, with
friends, and make copies to distribute at Church.”

Christian Coalition