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New York, NY — This morning, the New York Republican and Conservative Party nominee for U.S. Senate, Wendy Long, issued the following statement:

“Last night, a monster whose weapon of choice was a truck mowed down scores of innocent human beings celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France.

“The man’s name was not Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. It was not David, or Daniel, or Abraham, or Benjamin.

“It was Mohamed. He was another Islamic Jihadi terrorist.

“He killed at least 84 people, including two Americans and 10 children. He injured many more.

“Political correctness and weak leadership in America is allowing the slaughter of innocents by evil ideological Islamists. Radical Islam and ISIS have started World War III with weapons such as trucks, box cutters, pressure cookers, and firearms, because they intend to spread a global caliphate under Sharia, as do organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Either we fight or we submit.

“But the Obama Administration, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats refuse to even identify the enemy. I will identify the enemy: Islamist Jihadists.

“As our hearts grieve and our prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those killed and wounded, we must reject the Obama-Schumer policy of viewing radical Islam through the lens of political correctness. We must turn out of office Schumer and all who are responsible for the Obama policies to weaken our ability to counter this grave threat to our national security and to the civilized world.

“Willful blindness, strategic impotence, and political correctness will guarantee failure against an implacable enemy who wants to murder or enslave us.

“While The Islamic State expands its global reach and perpetrates ever more devastating attacks on innocent civilians, it is the Obama-Schumer response to blame radical Islamic terrorism on climate change, guns and Islamophobia.

“Chuck Schumer and the politically correct Democrat Establishment have followed the weak and misguided Barack Obama to a place where these atrocities to go on and on. They refuse to identify the enemy, they create straw men for political reasons, they allow streams of unscreenable migrants to pour over our borders into the homeland, they refuse to lead a strong military response, and they take away our guns.

“The time to fight back is now. We must stop blaming America and defend America and civilization itself. Donald Trump was right when he called for a ban on Muslim immigration. Newt Gingrich is right to call for surveillance of mosques. America needs to protect Americans. No one who practices or supports Sharia should be allowed in this country. We need to kill the jihadists where they live and breed and train. The politicians in America like Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer who stand for open borders, multiculturalism, military weakness, and political correctness have brought us to the brink of a new front in this war opening on our own shores.

“These kinds of attacks will happen here if we don’t change our leadership and stop the jihadists: in Syria and Iraq, at our borders, and in our communities. Very soon, it will be too late. We are almost at that point now. The American people have it in their hands to change this situation with the election of 2016.

“May the souls of those murdered by Mohamed rest in peace. And now let us resolve that they did not die in vain, and fight the real enemy.”