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New York, NY — U. S. Senate nominee Wendy Long today made the following statement about U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders:

“I admired Bernie Sanders for his courage in standing up to the biggest threat to our country right now: corruption and cronyism of the self-serving Establishment in Washington.

“No one embodies this crookedness more than Hillary Clinton, although her ardent supporter Chuck Schumer is not far behind.

“Bernie supporters were motivated in part by their recognition that the system is rigged: our economy is rigged in favor of those with money and influence. Our justice system is rigged to favor those with power and connections. Our politics are rigged in favor of the entrenched, failed, do-nothing Establishment. And our institutions such as big corporations and big media prop up this sorry oligarchy.

“I disagree with Bernie about the virtues of socialism. We were made to work and to be self-sufficient and free, not to be slaves to government. But I would far rather have an honest debate about ideas with honest people seeking the good of others instead of themselves.

“This is why I respectfully appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters in my fight against Chuck Schumer, who helped Hillary crush the Bernie movement. If we break the hold of corrupt politicians on Washington, honest people can have real debates about our common good.”