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New York, New York — Today U.S. Senate nominee Wendy Long made the following statement:

“The ‘Black Lives Matter’-inspired sniper killings of law enforcement officers in Dallas are sickening. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims of unjustified killings of all kinds and with their families, and today most especially the officers murdered in an ambush who were out there to protect their fellow citizens and their families.

“We have to be honest: something is very rotten in this country, and it starts with those at the top of our government, who have for years tried to divide us against one another for their own political purposes. We must drop the political correctness and acknowledge that the war on law enforcement is being racially fomented by those at the top. This is a war on everything America stands for. When the Democrat party and its leaders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Bill De Blasio and all the rest, embrace Al Sharpton and fuel a movement like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ when it is politically incorrect to say the simple truth that all lives matter, and when we cannot say that every single innocent human life is equal to every other, we have a very big problem. Two officers were ambushed and executed in Brooklyn because of Bill De Blasio’s fostering attitudes against law enforcement, very similar to what has now happened in Dallas.

“Last night, just as the events were unfolding in Dallas, I saw firsthand here in New York City, in the crowd of protestors in my own neighborhood in East Harlem, a level of anger that was very concerning. It underscores to me the pervasiveness of the harm to the minds and hearts of Americans caused in the last eight years. At the end of the second term of the first black American president, why is it that instead of being able to feel pride at racial progress, race relations in America have actually gotten worse, and we have open racial killings of police in our streets?

“It is because the Democrat political Establishment is using human beings as objects to keep themselves in power. I guess we could have expected this from the party that was for slavery and against civil rights. In 2016, there is nothing more corrupt and disgusting than whipping up racial animosity that subverts our bonds to each other as Americans, that subverts peace and safety in our communities, and that subverts civilized society itself.