SOURCE: Binghamton Homepage.


Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Wendy Long was is in our area to meet and mingle with voters Tuesday.

Long held a news conference Tuesday morning to introduce herself to the local media.

The Republican, who grew up in New Hampshire, says more needs to be done to engage and assist the middle class.

If elected, Long plans to cut taxes for the middle class, cut regulations for small businesses and will work to allow states and local government to make decisions on education.

Long has never held public office and says that can work to her advantage as people are becoming fed up with career politicians.

“I think this year is the year of the outsider. People are so fed up with the Washington establishment. There’s nobody who represents that better than Chuck Schumer. I feel like he’s climbed all over the back of the citizens of New York,” said Long.

Long also says she will work to reform the VA to better serve veterans.

She’s holding a meet and greet event at Brothers 2 Restaurant in Endwell at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

On Wednesday, she’s hosting a fundraising event at Highland Park.

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