New York, NY — U.S. Senate Republican nominee in New York, Wendy Long,
today made the following statement:

“Chuck Schumer announced that — if he defeats me on November 8 and becomes
Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate — his ‘number one goal . . . is to get a
progressive Supreme Court.’

“This is utterly astonishing on several levels:

“One, his top priority is certainly no longer ‘fighting for the middle
class.’  He knows his record on that score has created a consistently low
growth economy, hovering just over 1 percent, with 90 million persons
unemployed, with real wages stagnant for decades, and upstate New York in
economic ruin because of the lack of industry and jobs.  He’s finally
ditching the middle class as his top priority because he realizes he’s
pretty well killed them off by now anyway.

“Two, he is saying that he will aggressively push for his Supreme Court to:
effectively repeal the Second Amendment;  eliminate all limits on the power
of Congress to legislate in areas of traditional state sovereignty; validate
a constitutional right to partial birth abortion; end the rights of citizens
and interest groups to express political opinions in elections; permit
race-based gerrymandering of election districts; deny religious groups and
individuals such as the Little Sisters of the Poor their religious free
exercise rights; end free speech in universities; find and declare new
substantive rights to public assistance and to transgender bathrooms and
other accommodations; and import foreign laws to trump provisions of the
United States Constitution.

“And you can be sure he would use every possible procedural weapon in his
arsenal to accomplish this — of course hypocritically because he has
previously held Republicans to a standard in confirmation battles that he
does not observe himself.

“And Three, Schumer made his announcement in a policy workshop with Al
Sharpton and his National Action Network.  What would have been the reaction
of the media, political, university, and government elite if Donald Trump or
I had attended such a policy meeting with Rev. Franklin Graham, or with
Father George Rutler or Father Gerald Murray here in New York City,  to
strategize about political goals and about a takeover of the U.S. Supreme

“Our conservative position is that Chuck Schumer is free to meet with
religious leaders (even faux religious leaders) and to involve them in the
fight for political and judicial goals.  But as with many things, this is a
double standard of the kind Schumer and Clinton routinely employ.  One set
of rules for them, and a different set for the rest of us.

“The point is, an unconstitutional damper has been put on churches and
religious groups and individuals from participating fully in the civic
affairs of our nation for far too long.  Donald Trump will end this perverse
policy by, among other things, repealing the Johnson Amendment.”