Buffalo, New York — Wendy Long, the Republican and Conservative
nominee in New York for U.S. Senate, praised Donald Trump’s speech to
the Economic Club of New York:

“The spirit of Ronald Reagan, who made me a Conservative when I was in
college, has passed the mantle worthily to Donald J. Trump, just in the nick
of time.

“With our economy stuck in record long periods of slow growth, with labor
force participation stuck at record lows, with wage stagnation and our middle
class being utterly crushed, we can’t afford to continue the ‘new normal’
economic stagnation caused by the Obama-Schumer-Clinton big
government spending, taxing, wealth redistribution, and endless debt.

“Donald Trump is exactly right: upstate New York jobs have gone to Mexico
and elsewhere.

“If New Yorkers want better jobs, more jobs, and more money in their
pocket, the choice is simple: vote for Donald Trump and me, NOT Hillary
Clinton and Chuck Schumer.”

“They offer a welfare check; we offer a paycheck.”