WHY is WENDY running?
“Americans want their country back. I intend to fight to give it back to them. Political correctness is killing our jobs, our borders, our security, and our culture. We need to clean out the corrupt Establishment and make the government our servant and not our master.”
WHAT makes WENDY a great candidate?
  • former law clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court for Justice Clarence Thomas, Wendy pledges to uphold the Constitution.
  • Former law firm litigation partner, family caregiver, and home schooler.
  • An outsider, citizen legislatorWendy supports term limits and other reforms to restore public trust and curb Establishment corruption in DC!
  • NRA “A” rating. Wendy holds a Utah concealed carry permit and her New York concealed carry permit is pending.

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HOW do YOU help?
  1. VOLUNTEER for her campaign - contact through her website!
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