New York, NY — Trump-Pence-Long signs all over New York State are being stolen and vandalized, and at least one volunteer has been assaulted by political opponents, it was announced today by U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long.

“The thefts, vandalism, and trespass on the private property of those displaying signs has been reported in Rockland County, Albany County, and Erie County, and given what we have heard, it is likely more widespread than this,” said Long.

“In one case, a female volunteer with our signs was assaulted by an angry motorist who pulled a violent U-turn to come back and scream at her and then ripped away some of our signs. I call upon Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton to denounce this kind of behavior and ask their supporters not to engage in it any further.”

The Long campaign asks that anyone having problems with theft, vandalism, trespass, or assault take the following steps:

1.  Report the incident to your local police.

2.  Let us know about it, including photos if possible, on our Facebook page:

3.  Remember we are all Americans.  Let’s respect each other’s property and dignity as we make our arguments in the political arena about how to bring jobs and prosperity and security back to America.  Thank you and stay safe!