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New York, NY — U.S. Senate nominee Wendy Long today made the following statement:
“In honor of Labor Day, and in honor of the working men and women of New York and our whole nation, I pledge today that if elected to the United States Senate, I will introduce legislation setting the salary of every Senator and Congressman at the median American household income during the prior year. According to the most recent data, that would be $53,657 for the current year.

“This proposal is just one of many, in addition to term limits, lobbying restrictions, and other anti-corruption measures that I shall propose.

“The rationale for this one is obvious: it aligns the interests of elected officials in creating economic growth that will benefit all, instead of crony capitalism that benefits only the privileged few, and it serves as a reality check as to what forgotten Americans have to live with under our federal government’s policies.

“And this way it won’t be necessary for Senators like Chuck Schumer to create imaginary middle class families to know what it means to be middle class.”