New York, NY —  U.S. Senate Republican nominee Wendy Long today called upon New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to expand his investigation surrounding the recent shocking price hikes by the company that manufactures the EpiPen.

    “Attorney General Schneiderman is on the right path to uncovering the problems behind the EpiPen scandal.  But really, this is only the tip of a huge iceberg of unconscionable drug price hikes and shortages.

    “Antitrust concerns are clearly implicated when Mylan raises the cost of such an inexpensive drug so radically.  But this investigation, to really address the problem, needs to include the role of group purchasing organizations (GPOs), including the Greater New York Hospital Association, in causing artificial shortages and skyrocketing prices of all generic prescription drugs.

    “Federal officials have failed to do their job in this area, which is to maintain competitive markets.  New York has a chance to lead the way in fixing this problem, if the AG will be thorough in his investigation.  Sick children and many suffering people of all ages are being caused unnecessary hardship by these cartels and the pay-to-play schemes in which they shovel loads of campaign cash at Chuck Schumer to protect their unconscionable profits.

    “Why was Chuck Schumer so silent about EpiPen, and finally said maybe he would ‘jawbone’ with Mylan about it?  Why does he say nothing about other predatory drug pricing and shortages?  Take a look at his campaign donations and you will find the answer.”