New York, NY - Michel Faulkner, candidate for Mayor of New York City, former New York Jets football player, and pastor of New Horizon Church in New York City, today endorsed Wendy Long for United States Senate.
“To say that Washington is broken is a great understatement,” said Faulkner. “We desperately need fresh voices, principled leadership and innovative thinkers to represent our citizens. I can think of no one who better epitomizes this description than my good friend Wendy Long. Wendy is a business woman, a lawyer, a mom and a New Yorker. I believe that she will make an excellent United States Senator. We need to free ourselves from the liberal stronghold led by Senator Charles Schumer and replace that voice with a free market, compassionate conservative like Wendy Long.
“I fully endorse her as our next U.S. Senator.”
Long responded:
“I am very grateful to my friend Michel, and his endorsement means a great deal to me. I have seen him for years working selflessly and devotedly in the neighborhoods of New York, including East Harlem where I live, to bring jobs, hope, and good education to all New Yorkers, regardless of race or faith or income level. And as a pastor he radiates love and welcome to all. He reminds us that we are one people, and of our obligation to love and care for one another. He is a very welcome face and voice in this election cycle that can tend to drag us down instead of lift us up. He is a great leader for New York, and I pray that many will see his formula for faith in God and in our Constitution, and in strong families and schools and a free market economy that will create jobs for all is the way forward.”

Michel Faulkner Statement